Governing Documents

Eagle Lake is a development of 149 single family homes with Covenants and by-laws to protect and maintain the integrity of the subdivision. The Association members consist of every lot owner in the subdivision. The volunteer members on the Board of Directors serve without pay in any form. They are elected into the board by member vote, where each lot owner is allowed one vote.

These are the main documents that govern the HOA. Changes to these documents must be approved by a majority of members.


This document established the ELHOA as a Indiana non-profit corporation in 1994.


This document contains the corporate bylaws, primarily addressing the establishment of the Board of Directors, the holding of Board meetings, and maintenance of records. It became effective in 1995.


These are the documents that establish the rules and restrictions for our neighborhood. There are five separate documents as Eagle Lake was developed in five separate stages as illustrated in the map to the right. The covenants are predominantly identical with minor variations between the sections.

Annual Meeting Actions

This document is a running record of any major actions, votes, or decisions made at the annual HOA meeting.


Annual Meeting Minutes