Annual Dues & Budget

The Eagle Lake fiscal year runs from November through October. The current annual dues for Eagle Lake are $300 per year, which provides an annual operating budget of $44,700. Our primary expenses are maintenance of the common areas for lawn, lakes, and landscapes with lesser amounts dedicated to general maintenance, snow removal, insurance, property taxes, and other miscellaneous costs associated with managing the HOA.

The amount for annual dues is approved by the Board at the November Board of Directors meeting. Thereafter, a dues letter is sent to each member with a summary of current ELHOA financial status and the amount due for the following year. Payments are due by January 1st, and any unpaid dues are assessed a $50 fine on January 31st with a lien placed upon the property. At this time, payments must be made by check or a banks bill-pay service. We do not have the capability to accept credit or debit.

The most recent dues letter can be found here: 2021_ELHOA_Dues_Letter.pdf